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No pudding, No parents
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Here is a little community that me and and my friend kymmi created when we were talking about parents, cults, and whatnot. we'll post our conversation in our first journal entry so you can see what we're about. you can talk about whatever you'd like in here. parents, pudding, cults, music, movies. there are no limits. so this is a very random community...

To make this more interesting please fill this application out:

Zodiac sign:
Where from:
Hair color:
Eye color:


World issues
War/No War:
Should public schools be able to speak freely about god or other religions?

Do you like body piercings or not? If no please explain why.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
What is your opinion on oniline dating?
Do you like tattoos? If no please explain why.
Last, is there anything you would like to ask one of the mods?
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